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In the flat valley hugged by the torrents of Marroggia and Teverone, lies Bed & Breakfast San Donato.

This wonderful place, surrounded by the towns, pearls of art, of Spoleto, Montefalco, Bevagna and Trevi, is situated near the Clitunno springs, a naturalistic jewel, already famous and used by the ancient Romans.

Recently renovated, the B&B San Donato is reminiscent of the old farmhouses of the Umbria region. Adjacent to the B&B, there are still the ruins of an old countryside church, built in the 1200s, consecrated to Saint Donato, from which the B&B takes its name.

The contact with nature, the kindness and hospitality of the landlady, the serene and relaxing environment, make this spot a truly special place.

Just a few kilometers away from all the major centers of the region, B&B San Donato offers comfortable rooms at reasonable prices.

On the property, we also have our Horse Riding School—”Little Ranch”—where we offer courses such as “Integrated Horse Riding”, as well as introductory courses such as “First Contact with the Horse”.

We also organize Country-Western dinners featuring grilled meat, vegetables from our garden and beer/wine.

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